Zumiez Couch Tour 2010: DGK In San Jose

DGK rolled deep to the demo up in Milpitas, California for the first sunny day of Zumiez Couch Tour 2010. From the main heads, like Stevie Williams, Josh Kalis, and Marcus McBride, to the guys on the serious come-up like, Keelan Dadd and Dwayne Fagundes, this demo went off! Jack Curtin got tech on everything from the big ledges to the handrail. Rodrigo Lima, Lenny Rivas, Wade Desarmo and Marquise Henry were also part of the DGK crew that skated throughout the day, just to put on a great demo for the crowds. Brand new Expedition Pro, Matt Miller also came up to Nor Cal with his dirty ghetto homeys. Check the footy from the demo below or watch it on the Zumiez Couch Tour iPhone app.

Best Foot Forward Am Series Results:
1. Michael Ruiz
2. Brad Elias
3. Weston Sparks

It was another talent-packed Nor-Cal Zumiez Best Foot Forward presented by Bones Wheels contest, even though past winners were out with injuries. Michael Ruiz made it all the way from the open qualifier round to win the New Era Originator of the Day award with his onslaught of creative tricks on the quarterpipe. Brad Elias traveled down with Michael and got 1st place by being the most consistent skater and seemingly always landing on his board. Weston Sparks just moved to SF a week ago from Kansas City, but had no trouble adjusting to the climate to get 2nd place. Cody Steinberger rounded out the top 3. Here’s the highlights.