After a display of awesomeness on the Couch Tour at the Baltimore stop, enjoi came back for a second appearance and another gnarly demo. Caswell Berry came correct witht the hurricanes and nollie heels, Cairo Foster destroyed the course for his third time this tour, and Louie Barletta, Wieger Van Wageningen, Jose Rojo, Nestor Judkins, and Clark Hassler were ripping as usual. Check the footy.

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series Results:
1. Corey Huber
2. Edward Duff
3. Antonio Massey

Despite a heavy rain delay, Philadelphia turned out to be a rad contest. John Osbourne took the hardest slam of the day, but was fine after he shook it off. After placing second in Baltimore, Antonio Massey came to Philly and placed third with some hammers that we didn’t see the day before including bigspin front board down the rail, back 180 switch 5050 down the hubba and frontside crook on the plank. Edward Duff shredded all day and ended up taking second place with consistency and some tough tricks. He killed the rail with a bigspin heel boardslide, kickflip front board and front blunt shove. After slamming into John Osbourne earlier in the day, Corey Huber continued to kill it all day. In the finals Corey skated everything landing a nollie crook down the hubba, nollie front feeble and frontside bigspin boardslide on the rail and noseblunt across the plank. David Mull was the New Era Originator of the Day with his unique grind to manual tricks and big airs.

Philadelphia Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2010 pres by BONES WHEELS from Zumiez on Vimeo.