Zumiez Couch Tour stop number ten took place in New Jersey with the RVCA team. Ed Templeton was in attendance doing impossibles and noseblunts. Cairo Foster was skating his fourth demo at the Couch Tour and he was ripping as usual with tricks like backside lipslide and back noseblunt off the plank. The younger guys David Reyes and Julian Davidson were killing the park with nollie front crooks and front blunt shoves down the rail. Cory Kennedy did all sorts of flip tricks down the stairs including switch backside flip, switch back heel and switch bigspin heel. Nestor Judkins and Austin Stephens were skating well doing lines all around the course. Kevin Long was injured, but he was out and about to watch the demo and sign some autographs. Keegan Sauder skated at his second Couch Tour stop this year and destroyed the quarterpipe as well as the rest of the course. It’s always a treat to watch Leo Romero skate. He nosegrinded off the coping of the quarterpipe to flat, nollie back heeled the stairs and even 5050 ollie the flat gap to 5050 across the top of the course.

The Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series Results:
1. Liam McCabe
2. Rob Werner
3. James Pitonyak

After Philadelphia, the next Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest presented by Bones Wheels was held in New Jersey where plenty of rippers showed up to compete. James Pitonyak was skating well all day with consistency and a great style. He ended up taking third place with a frontside 360 down the stairs, front blunt on the plank and a nosegrind pop out on the bump to ledge. Rob Werner really stepped it up in the finals.  He took second place after destroying the rail with tricks like kickflip back lip and kickflip 50-50. No one could really compete with Liam McCabe and his floral swim trunks.  He killed the whole course with a nice variety of tricks, landing a bigspin heel over the stairs, hurricane down the rail and kickflip 5-0 on the plank. James Colville stood out with his creativity and was the New Era Originator of the Day.