The Volcom crew came through the Couch Tour and skated fast and they skated everything! Mark Appleyard and Jake Duncombe charged the obstacles and ripped apart the course. David Gonzalez got all his tricks effortlessly, like a fakie airwalk down the stairs and a kickflip front lip on the quarterpipe—maybe just anothe reason why Flip won Best Video and Extrememly Sorry won Best Video at the this year’s TransWorld Skateboarding Awards. Dustin Dollin played hypeman and destroyer of all things skateboarding. Darrell Stanton and Caswell Berry killed the cannon and the rail.


The Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series Results:
1. Ke’Chaud Johnson
2. Taylor Jett
3. Frankie Heck

Dallas was the best stop of the Zumiez Best Foot Forward tour presented by Bones Wheels so far, as far as the talent level from top to bottom. We had over 30 skaters in each of the open qualifier and invite round; there were that many rippers that showed up! Taylor Jett made it into 2nd place in the Finals from the qualifier round and also earned the New Era Originator of the Day award with hardflip back lip and a varial heel boardslide down the handrail. Ke'Chaud Johnson won another BFF stop just like he did last year in Houston, to earn a trip to the BFF Finals. He also jumped into the HH van for a few weeks of filming too! Frankie Heck skated hard and captured third place.