Zumiez Couch Tour 2010: Volcom In Houston

Now that Volcom had the chance to get familiar with the Couch Tour course in Dallas, they stepped it up in Houston. Darrell Stanton put down the 360 flip and switch 360 flip over the bank and a back 180 nosegrind, switch crook, and switch back lip down the rail. Caswell was on point with his back nosegrind down the rail, speedy front blunt across the plank and massive frontside flip over the rail. Jake Duncombe continues to impress with his tranny skills and flip tricks. He landed a buttery nollie bigspin heel over the bank and a steezy back smith-to-back tail across the quarter pipe. Mark Appleyard pops everything higher than should be allowed and rides away super clean. His nollie bigspin tail stall and long front nosegrind on the quarter pipe were solid. Dustin Dollin, Lewis Marnell and David Gonzales had some spectacular lines too.

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series Results:
1. Johnathan Bastian
2. Matt Feist
3. Ryan Thompson

Just like Dallas, Houston has the heat, talent, and familiar faces. Ryan Thompson placed third last year and third this year. Ryan dissected the course and got a front blunt and back 5-0, front 180 out across the plank, front big spin over the bank and a nice ollie transfer into the roller. Matt Feist's. creativty and solid tricks put him into second place. He reverse-pole jammed the cannon with a lipslide, nosegrinded down the hubba, back tail across the plank and front salad down the rail. Johnathan Bastian undoubtedly earned first place. His all-around approach was key. He nailed a boneless 540 in the quarter, a big tweaked indy from the launch ramp over the box, back lip, back blunt and front noseblunt down the rail and a huge frontside indy in quarterpipe. Mike Davis brought home the New Era Originator of the Day Award with his tech wizardry.