Zumiez Couch Tour 2011: enjoi & almost in Austin

Zumiez Couch Tour 2011 rolled into Austin, Texas in a big way. With the bands Anarbor and Forever the Sickest Kids in the house, the crowds got up and showed their love. The 100 plus degree heat here in Austin didn’t keep these dudes down:

The BFF contest gave way to the onslaught from Tiltmode’s own, Caswell Berry and Jose Rojo. Some members of the enjoi team backed up almost pros, Chris Haslam, Cooper Wilt and CJ Tambornino. Skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen was on hand too. Shining his blazing light on the demo with crowd-pleasing rawness was the UK’s own, Ben Raemers. Ben rocked the finale of the demo with a huge iceplant to fakie on the backboard of the big quarterpipe.

All the madness and fun that you could possibly expect from the combo of an enjoi/almost demo was in full-blast thrusting mind-melt mode. Nothing slowed down the fun as Austin brought down the house and came out in a spectacular show of appreciation for the bands and skating alike. Couch Tour rages on Texas-style.

The BFF contest raged on and the heat of this Texan sunshine made the metal on the handrails and the coping red hot. You don’t wanna get caught slippin’ on the hubbas out here either! You’d get third degree burns that would make those masonite burns on your knees look like papercuts.

The illest shredders from all over the Austin, Texas area were in full-effect on this blistering day. First place and killing everything in sight was Ke’Chaud Johnson, who rocked all kinds of high-flying flip tricks up the euro gap including a backside 360 kickflip with ease. Sealing the deal, Ke’Chaud pulled off a picture-perfect backside 360 over the handrail at the buzzer.

Second was Ryan Holloway, rocking clean and original maneuvers all over the course including sugarcanes and mad blunt combos. Seeing Ryan’s originality and sweet maneuvers was a breath of fresh air to these Couch surfers. Zumiez recognized this in a big way and bestowed Ryan with the New Era Originator of the Day award.

And rounding out the top three was Luke Heilmann, pulling it off with consistency and style. These top three competitors weren’t even close to the only shredders out there. Although the heat was turned way up, we saw all kinds of handrail action, hubba hammers and rad flip tricks all over that shark pit euro gap.

BFF brings out the talent every time and this Austin stop was skateboard superstardom at it’s finest. While the smoke is still clearing in that sweltering heat, the chomping and stomping of the rippers of Austin will be echoed here for the next year until BFF rips into town once again.