Zumiez Couch Tour 2011: enjoi & almost In Houston

Zumiez Couch Tour brought the heat in a heavy way in Houston. The Lone Star state was welcoming to the all the Couch Tourers and the crew as we raged and stormed the event and dropped the madness on hundreds of spectators. Heat would be the word of the day as these skaters tried to stay hydrated and not pass out in the sweltering mid-day Houston sun.

The enjoi team took to the Zumiez skate course like a school of fish to water. Accompanied by members of the almost team, enjoi shredded the bumps and transitions like only they could. Chillin’ on the sidelines were both team patriarchs, Jerry Hsu and Rodney Mullen. Standout shredders were Ben Raemers, Chris Haslam, and Jose Rojo.

Getting busy over the Zumiez hip was the man with all the flip trick combos, CJ Tambornino. Although it was mad hot, enjoi pro, Cairo Foster turned it up a notch with sick handrail tricks like front nosegrinds and noseblunts. No stranger to danger, almost shredder Cooper Wilt zoomed around the course with ferocity while documenting his experience on the helmet cam.

Pressing on through this searing heat would be five determined renegades with no regard for bodily safety. In the final round, we saw rad shredding and insane maneuvers from dudes like Justin Pinsen who rocked a 3 flip to lipslide on the bump to bar. Matt Vice pulled off tricks like backside tailslides down the handrail. Backing him up was the golden boy himself, Chris Luhring. Chris handled business with a bigspin down the big gap to flat and a crazy front bigspin to board down the rail. He wrapped up the finals heat with a nollie back heel down big gap.

Third place went to George Karvounis, who made it a mission to annihilate the handrail. With tricks like kickflip front boards and a manly kickflip frontside feeble down the handrail, George was a shoe-in for the top three. Sealing the deal at the end of the 15-minute jam, he rocked a front feeble rewinding a front 270 out.

Jonathan Bastien came in second with all kinds of well-executed maneuvers. Tricks like a bigspin down the gap and backside flips made the audience take notice. What made the judges take notice, was Jonathan’s mastery of tricks like his perfect back smiths and nollie lipslides down the rail.

The first place madman that killed the whole course all day was a man by the name of Dominique Goings. Dominique held it down hard for Houston with a big bag of tricks including a three flip noseblunt and a kickflip back tail on the bump to bar, a backside overcrooks down the handrail, and an unprecedented hardflip back lip second try.  Seriously amazing skating out of this dude, heat or no heat.