KR3W coming in hot in Utah! Filmed by Dennis Martin.

And scroll down for your Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Series update.

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Series

1. Tyson Bowerbank
2. Derek Rivera
3. Christian Sereika

Tyson Bowerbank has been on a contest rampage the past couple of years—his bag of tricks has grown even if he hasn't. Tyson had front and backside five-0s, and front and backside feebles down the handrail. Then he went and killed the pyramid with the tre flip, the hard flip, the backside heel, the frontside flip, nollie big spin, nollie big heel, varial flip, and a frontside big-spin! He wasn't done yet—he kick flipped, frontside flipped, and backside heeled the stair set too. Yeah he won, in case you were wondering. Derek Rivera qualified from back in the open round to get 2nd place and got the New Era Originator of the Day award with a tre flip lip slide and other amazing tricks…he gets a ton of New Era gear for that. Last year's winner, Christian Sereika got 3rd with the best style of the day. He boosted a bs heel down the set, and had a smooth bs tail down the handrail, and fs blunt down the hubba, among other tricks.