Zumiez Couch Tour: Lakai In Chicago

Aurora, only little more than an arm’s length away from Downtown Chicago, set the scene for this year’s Chicago stop on the Zumiez Couch Tour.

This Chicagoland audience was overjoyed to lay witness to the skateboard demo that included none other than the Lakai team. With skateboard legends like Mike Carroll and Rick Howard in the house, you know they would not disappoint. Lakai brought Raven Tershy and Riley Hawk who not only traded off ripping maneuvers on the quarter pipes but shredded up the euro-gap too. The man of the hour was definitely Mike Mo. Coming off of a Street League contest and going straight into a tour with Girl Skateboards, Mike Mo had to come out and throw down for the fans at the Couch Tour before being whisked away back to Los Angeles. Mike Mo ripped switch varial flips and a monster switch flip down the big gap with ease. He rocked out at the last second of the demo with a huge switch backside flip and the crowd had a new hero.

The Zumiez BFF contest went down with authority. Serving up gnar all day were the finalists, Shawn Turner and Dustin Blauvelt. Killing it and coming in third was Justin Smolenski, who ripped switch and regs, putting in work on the ledges and handrail.

Taking second place honors was Joey Petrucci, who took to the euro-gap like a fish to water. Making a smoking entrance and not letting up all day, Joey rocked the house in a big way. He landed all kinds of flip tricks up and down this monster of a gap.

And without a doubt, the standout of the day was Dustin Blauvelt. Ripping the handrail, hubbas and transition sections alike, Dustin killed everything in his path. Dustin, not exactly a local, made the trek all the way from Robocop’s hometown of Detroit.