Zumiez Couch Tour: Lakai in Phoenix


No, I’m not going to start this update off by complaining about how hot it was in Phoenix (actually Mesa, AZ--a little town right outside of Phoenix). Because in actuality, it wasn’t even hot at all--well, relatively speaking of course. It cooled down to 88 degress the day of the event, which we were all just find by considering the day before it was a blood-boiling 110. So, everything was just fine and dandy, right? Not exactly. The temperature was on our side (did I say relatively speaking?) but the wind was howling the entire day making for very frustrating conditions for skating, let alone all the other venue adjustments that needed to be made.

The Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Boost Mobile just keeps getting better and better with each stop. A local ripper by the name of Nick Fiorini straight murdered the course. Nollie back Smiths down the rail and pretty much anything else he gave a go was landed within a couple of tries. He could have easily been skating right along side the Lakai guys for the demo and not skipped a beat. Oh yeah, the demo...

Mike Carroll said it best in his TransWorld Modus Operandi part years ago: The wind sucks. It’s seriously worst than the rain. Welsh, Beibel, Cairo, Howard, Koston, Guy, Alex Olson, and the rest of the crew all showed up ready to rip, but that damn wind. You could tell the boys were getting frustrated with each drop in or each time they rolled up to the rail. So, all the photos I got that day, especially Beibel’s sequence on the homepage, were twice as difficult, were done with twice the distraction from the wind, and twice the frustrations under the hot sun. Lakai or die.

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Boost Mobile Results:

1. Nick Fiorini
2. Bubba Al Hout
3. Aaron Hamoki