Zumiez Couch Tour: New Jersey


After a long, stuck-behind-a-funeral-caravan-on-a-two-lane-highway-going-25-mph-for-over-an-hour drive, we finally made it to the north end of the Dirty Jers’. It’s a little slow out here, very small-mountain-townish, but there’s been plenty to keep us entertained before and after the day of the Couch Tour stop. We found a super fan at a local restaurant more than willing to go above and beyond his overly annoying persistence to hang out with “the band (meaning Jersey’s own Senses Fail who’ve been at the last two stops). We also found a K-Swiss shoed, no socked, khaki-cargo-shorted, collared polo wearing local who was on the verge of throwing punches when we denied his demand to allow him to go back to our hotel room to hang out with “the band. Ahhhhhh, Jersey never fails.

Now for the good things we smelt outta America’s armpit. The ams were more amped up in the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Boost Mobile in Jersey than I’ve seen at any stop. When Zack Cusand won, everybody charged and dog pilied his scrawny skin and bones to the ground. Yeah, Zack we’ll see you in Milapitas.

All of C1RCA came out for the demo and everybody was at the top of their game. Dennis Durrant, damn. The rail, the ledge, switch, flips ins, it doesn’t matter—pure amazing-ness on a board. Tony Tave, as usual was pulling everything first and second try, but what’s new? Windsor James, Jon Allie, Julian Davidson, and David Reyes can’t forget about them. Oh yeah, Peter Ramondetta… Did you know he’s good at riding his skateboard? Really good. Like, he-should-be-one-of-your-favorite-skaters good. And Sierra. Check the video to see him fired off one trick after the other of the rail and down the stairs. By the way, Colt Cannon was hurt so he didn’t skate, but he offered up the entertainment for the night—funny dude.

After the Couch treated us well during the day, it was off to a B.Y.O.B Beni-Hana-like restaurant where we wined (actually, beered) and dined once again with almost 40 ready-to-get-rowdy attendees. The memory gets a little fuzzy here, but I think there’s a beach, a late-night ocean barge, and definitely more good times.

Wave farewell to Jersey, Rochester, New York, get ready.

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Boost Mobile Results:

1. Zack Cusand
2. Elliot Coss
3. John Gardner