Zumiez Couch Tour: Philadelphia


Philly was a wild one. Between the rain sprinkling down on the eS demo, it forcing us to take cover as it poured with flashes of lighting sparking in the sky, then the Senses Fail show with thousands of crazed fans—I’ll say it again. Philly was a wild one.

Unfortunately the finals of the Best Foot Forward am contest got rained out, but Josh White was still given first place and will be flown to Milpitas, CA for the finals at the last stop on the Couch Tour. He deserves it and has a good chance of winning the whole thing.

The demo came in waves of eS riders taking their turns at destroying the course. First Rick McCrank showed up and was launching huge frontside flips out of the quarterpipe and throwing down one after the others on the handrail. He finished his day off with an ollie off the bank, over a fence, throwing his board, and ending his session—pretty awesome. Then came Rodrigo TX, who probably has the best flatground consistency out of anybody. Check the photos to see exactly what I mean. Then came Justin Eldridge who got to know the ledge off the stairs very well. Danny Garcia, Mike Barker, Kelly Hart, and Bobby Worrest killed it as well.

Now on to the Senses Fail show. It could have been just ’cause I was backstage to see it all go down, but this was one of the craziest shows I’ve ever been to. Teenage fans were floating the crowd and one after the other getting pulled off by security as the screamed and cheered and ran back around to the crowd to do it all again. The band is from around the area, so the hometown appeal brought the masses and a sea of mosh pits and kids wildin’ out. The news’ vans showed up for the aftermath, tying to put a “Riot In The Streets spin on things. One more reason local news pretty much sucks.

Philly was a blast, New Jersey… bring it on.

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Boost Mobile Results:

1. Josh White
2. Chris Mathis
3. Ryan Gilbert