Zumiez Couch Tour: Plan B & Element In Minneapolis

It’s been a long, fruitful summer of madness. As the final stop on the Zumiez Couch Tour rolls into the biggest mall in America, the scene was set in Minneapolis for a finale of epic proportions.

The Plan B team made it out to the course to kill it live. Since Torey Pudwill was on the injured list, he hobbled over and took the mic to help call out tricks for the demo. Assisted by the legendary Colin McKay, T-Puds called out dudes like Boo Johnson and Ryan Sheckler. Sheckler rocked backside double flips and a cool back 360 down the big gap. Nyjah Huston was in the house and pulled off a sweet kickflip to backside smith grind down the rail. Holdin’ it down with Plan B for 20 years was the stellar Pat Duffy. Duffy skated the full demo without break. Literally skating ’til he dropped, Duffy rocked back noseblunts, ollie impossibles and a mean back tail down the hubba.

The finals of the local Twin Cities segment went like this: Third place went to Jace Torkelson, who rocked mean gap tricks and a bit of tranny wizardry for the hundreds of onlooking skate-rats in the audience. Second went to Dan Coe, who pulled off a beautiful back tail bigspin out on the handrail. Jack Olson sealed up the first place spot and advanced on to the BFF Finals.

Valencia took to the stage with an epic opening song. The whole hour-long performance was hot getting hotter as the Philly boys rocked the house with passion and style.

Tank topped fans were dropping like flies, while the heat and awesomeness were just too much for some to handle. Heat exhaustion became all too real for a few souls, while Forever the Sickest Kids took the stage and killed their farewell performance. Ripping the stage and giving the sweating fans exactly what they wanted, the band made dreams come true.

As the finale of Zumiez Couch Tour made its way to a close, the clouds rolled in and the temperature sunk like a rock in water. The heavens waited ’til the exact right moment to unleash an insane windstorm and put a real closing on the day.