2012 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Vans Half Cab. Vans continues to celebrate this milestone in skateboard footwear history with a Fall series of four distinctive Half Cab 20th Anniversary artist collaborations, each with a new, limited edition custom label design. So far, Vans has released special edition Half Cabs with artists MOFO, DIRTY DONNY and the original creator himself STEVE CABALLERO.

This month, graphic artist and shoe designer Taka Hayashi releases his version of the iconic Half Cab. Japan-born and Santa Monica-bred, Taka Hayashi spent his formative years skateboarding and experimenting with art and design. With those kinds of influences, it's no surprise to anyone who knows Steve Caballero that he would tap Taka to join his cast of Vans Half Cab 20th Anniversary collaboration artists this Fall. With eyedazzling labels and Southwestern hues, Taka’s Half Cab 20th artist collab shoes are built to withstand an extended vision quest as well as your average peyote freakout with Supertuff embossed leathers and rugged hiker detailing.