Gourmet isn’t your conventional footwear company, and the ATL Twins aren’t you normal skateboarding brothers. These two charismatic forces collided and produced this intense edit for your senses.

“No one man could endure 48 hour Los Angeles social activation like the ATL twins, Sidney and Thurman Sewell. Directly off the plane, right to the En Noir offices for wardrobe changes resulting in extremely high levels difficulty. Mind you, its only 5 p.m. and the only thing on their mind is stopping by Brandon Biebel’s skatepark in Noho for a quick shred sesh. Once skating was done, our team from GRMT kinda lost sight of them. Our only real hope was that Kai Regan and his crew from All Day Everyday had enough steam in them to get a couple glimpses of the boys wearing Spring 14. Aside from this documentation, the only thing we knew for sure was they were a hit at Miley’s 21st.