Los Angeles, CA – Leo & the Tempster present the Emerica Bro Lab & Toy Machine collaboration shoes

Stupid? Maybe. Wheels on a skateshoe? Yep. Shreddable? For sure!
What happens when you let two like minded weirdos do whatever the hell they want. Yes indeed, something cool that’s still rad for skating.
And even though the shoe might look like a car you can peel the wheels off and the it ‘doesn’t look like a shoe for a 5-year old’.
The shoe has a flexible vulcanized outsole for loads of board feel and System G2(tm) gel in the heel to prevent heelbruises.
Ed also went crazy with the box. Cool artwork from the Tempster himself with cool quotes, hidden messages and random drawings. A collectors item right there.

Check out the video on the Emerica Web site to see what both Leo and Ed have to say about their Emerica brolaboration.

Besides the Bro Lab, Ed and Leo also teamed up for a Toy Machine collabo with Leo’s new pro model, the Romero 2. Ed went all out with some rad Transistor Sect art on the insole and all-seeing eyes on the heels. A nice red suede upper with yellow details makes the shoe pop out nicely. And the all new ortholite insole keeps your feet cool and dry, while giving it the maximum cushioning you need while shredding them out in the streets. And just like the shoe box from the Bro Lab, the art-covered box is a keeper.