SHED is a skate rock band hailing from San Diego, CA. led by Emerica shred stick slayer Sam Hitz.
Sam Hitz provides the breath and rhythmic disrespect (vocals/guitar), and is joined by Chad Mohler who leads in string repetitions and dog whistles (lead guitar/vocals), with Aron Scott who endures pulsing of the dead and parade beats (drums), and finally Darren Navarette aka Navs provides substance collections and artery fondling (bass). There have been other known members drafted for duty, but they must remain silent. SHED’s musical slayings give crowd reactions of friends beating on friends, mothers giving away their children, priests rebuking their faith, homeless tweakers looking for jobs, etc. It’s a good bad time.
Emerica teamed up with the musical forces of the SHED to produce a special limited edition shoe. For the collaboration, Hitz and the SHED chose the ever-popular Emerica Francis model and infected it with a deep black mix of suede and action leather, with a green upside down cross on the heel, gang-green Sherpa lining and a blader hater hang tag. The shoe also has a special stash pocket under the tongue label, for the SHED x Emerica guitar pick that comes with the shoe. According to Hitz “The pick stash, just makes it more feasible to rock!” Truly a skate-shoe for good bad times.

Check out Sam Hitz in this video on the Emerica YouTube page in which he talks about how the collaboration came together and what the shoe is all about.