éS Bags x The Brown Buffalo Design Company

The Brown Buffalo Design Company for éS

éS recognizes that the current state of skateboard-influenced-bags is being overrun by non-skateboarding brands. In 2008, éS tapped the Brown Buffalo Design Company to start creating some design drafts for the éS Fall 2009 Luggage Collection. The result is an intelligently designed line of bags from a skateboarder's point of view.

The collection is technical and functional with the needs of skate travel at the top of the design list. After a few sketches, out came a collection of bags with classic and purposeful design aesthetics. The Brown Buffalo's designs hail back to early 90’s mountain bags, with clean and classic coloring utilizing durable rip-stop fabrics – perfect for the rough road life of a skateboarder.

The collection consists of:
·        Scuba – A premium photo bag for a realistic price. Inspired by skateboarding and all the camera needs of our very own team videographer, Scuba Steve.
·        Lim – Bobby Worrest signature bag with a 6-pack cooler pocket for Silver Bullets, hideable skate straps, and technical storage pocket features that were ergonomically shaped for city trekking.
·        Endio – Classic reinterpretation with a shoe pocket and hideable skate straps.
·        Jut Backpack with Laptop Compartment
·        Parce – Vintage Military Rucksack with a modern twist adding a Laptop Compartment
·        Boarding 2.0 – Perfect skateboard enclosed travel bag for planes, trains, and automobiles.
·        Carry on 3.0 – An essential board case for every skateboarder on a quick trip.