Expedition-one’s new apparel line was featured  as our Product Of The Month in our July issue. Now, we’re giving away this full kit pictured below! All you’ve gotta do is Like our Facebook Fan page and Expedition‘s, then Share the photo we have posted there. The Share with the most Likes wins! Below is the text from the issue that includes an interview with Expedition pro and line designer Rob Welsh.

Photo: Trinh

Words by Blair Alley

Expedition-One has broadened its brand, now with an apparel line. Matching the quality and craftsmanship of its hardgoods, the new apparel line has great pieces inspired by skateboarding, workwear, and Rob Welsh's closet—that's right, Mr. Welsh himself is the brainchild behind this gear. We caught up with our favorite backside noseblunt-sliding, Pier 7 local-turned-clothing designer to give us some insight on the line. So why is now the right time for Expedition to launch a clothing line? Rob explains, "It wasn't so much why, it was more like why not? Tons of companies claim to make clothes for 'skateboarders,' but not the actual act of skating, that's why we wanted to do it." Rob's overall feeling of this initial line is content. It's right on the money without cutting corners or piling distracting flair. Classic "wear it out skating, then wear it to the bar" appeal. As we mentioned, Rob took liberal influence from his personal clothes he wears on the daily, but then tweaked them to be just right. "Let's take the traditional work pant for instance. I love them, they're great, but as we all know they don't skate for shit. Expedition's solution: Add a little stretch, and voilà! Skateable, kick-ass pants."

Doing an initial apparel line isn't without its challenges as any designer will tell you. Rob found this out when getting the stretch just right for the pants: "When sourcing the fabric, I kept running into the same problem. All the stretch fabrics people use they get from the chicks' factories, because pretty much all women's clothes have two-percent stretch, which was a big problem. All the fabric was too thin and felt weird. So we had to have our people make a heavier weight fabric with stretch, otherwise you'd all be running around in girl's pants. A skate pant should be made strong, so we did that."

So that's that. Expedition-One apparel, made by skaters, for skaters. If Rob Welsh is putting his name behind it, it's damn sure good enough for us. "Expedition has always made a product that stood for quality that skateboarders can trust in, and the clothing is another new chapter of that."