Fall Classics From Levi’s Skateboarding

The Levi's® 511® jeans from the Fall '16 Skateboarding Collection are timeless – they don't look much different than a pair of Levi's® from the 1950s, but they've evolved to meet the demands of skateboarding in the modern era. It's no longer just falling off of your skateboard while cruising down the sidewalk. It's slamming from the height of a double set of stairs. The Lycra® T400 woven into the denim allows Levi's® jeans to stretch, instead of blow out, and Cordura® fabric provides the strength and durability that is synonymous with all jeans in the Levi's® Skateboarding Collection.

Levi’s rounds out the fall classic looks with another Levi's® staple: the Type III Trucker Jacket. If the blue jean is the single most iconic garment Levi's® has ever made, the Trucker Jacket is a close second. View the entire Collection here and find it exclusively at select skateboard shops worldwide.

511_slim typeiii_trucker