The Nuge and Sierra Fellers Foundation Fiberprime pro models featuring artwork by Andrew Groves have just hit shops. These incorporate the Watson/Tum Yeto Fiberlam technology which is a thermal poly ply as the seventh shot on top. The bottom is just wood like a normal old board and it skates like one according to Nuge and Sierra–they requested this construction. The best thing about these though is that they are MADE IN THE USA. And oh yeah, well not marketed as a “green” product, if the stiffness of the Fiberprime extends the life of your deck beyond the norm, you just may have saved a tree.

“Fiberprime construction is made up of six hard rock maple plys topped with one high density thermal poly ply. That special top ply allows for longer lasting crispy-ness without limiting the normal flex of wood and increases overall board strength. Kepping the bottom ply regular hard rock maple gives you the feel you are accustomed to, the pop and slide of real wood. You get a longer lasting board, with the feel of natural wood. Double-Bonus!”–Foundation