The Z-Flex Master Crafted series takes the true meaning of the words 'master' and 'crafted', to create a skateboard that's as unique as the people involved. For this Master Crafted release, Z-Flex teamed up with Pat Ngoho to 'Craft' his own board with legendary skateboard craftsman himself- Paul Schmitt.

Pat has been in the art scene for a while now as the Co-Founder of the 'Love and Guts' art exhibition, so he knew exactly what he wanted when he worked on the design of the graphic. Pat chose a whale as the focus image of the graphic explaining that, "they have this type of surfing quality to them, the way they move through the water, and just their whole vibe, they`re so passive and mellow and not out to harm anyone, and I think that relates to skating, or at least sometimes how I look at skating.”