HUF 10th Anniversary Photo T Series, Dennis McGrath

HUF is celebrating its 10-year anniversary as a brand with the limited-edition HUF 10th Anniversary Photo Tee Series. For this project, HUF has teamed up with various photographers who have made a major impact on the world of skateboard photography over the years. Through the creative effort and critical eye of these select individuals, skateboarding has been documented in such a way as to provide a unique history of the rich culture and lifestyle that comprises it. Each month through 2012, HUF will release a new installment to the series featuring the work of one of these select photographers.

HUF releases the eighth installment of the series in collaboration with photographer Dennis McGrath. Born in New Jersey in 1969, Dennis became interested in photography when he started skateboarding in the mid-80s. In 1994 he took a more serious approach to photography while studying at the San Francisco Art Institute, and in ’95 turned his attention to documenting one iconic skateboarder in particular, Lennie Kirk, whose greater life story is portrayed through Dennis’s work. Dennis then began traveling the world as a professional photographer, shooting for major skateboard publications including Big Brother, SLAP, and Transworld. In 2004 he stepped away from photographing skateboarding to focus on the sets of XXX-rated adult films, documenting the industry from his outsider’s perspective. He is interested in storytelling through the photographic process with the use of text and ephemera. Dennis’s work has been exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City, and he has been a long time contributor to Hamburger Eyes Magazine. He is currently based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and works with artist Ed Templeton as a master printer when he is not out shooting.