HUF x Very Top Secret Collection

Founded in 2003, Very Top Secret (VTS) is a worldwide graffiti crew rooted in–and fundamentally dedicated to–illegal graffiti. Widely known for traveling the world over and leaving their mark wherever they go, VTS thrives off the desire to maintain freedom and self-expression by rejecting social conventions. Born out of a similar street-level upbringing through skateboarding, HUF has come together with VTS on a collaboration that encapsulates both parties’ allegiance to upholding shared roots in underground culture. Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of VTS, the limited edition HUF x VTS Collaboration features a series of three t-shirts, a pullover hoodie, snapback hat, and socks.

“I was first introduced to the VTS crew through Remio, sometime around 2006. He was assisting Barry McGee during the ‘Ray Fong’ adidas collaboration with the HUF shop in SF. We both share similar backgrounds and experiences having grown up skateboarding and doing graffiti, and started hanging out a bunch after that. Since then, both HUF and VTS have gained a worldwide audience– so, the chance to come together on a project like this was just another way to reinforce our dedication to self-expression and creative freedom, the very values that have driven us since our beginnings.”—Keith Hufnagel

Available 12:00 noon PST at the HUF online store.