Like walking into a thrift shop and finding that perfect vintage tee, Matix did the hard work for us and created a collection of apparel boasting the old school, iconic Mountain Dew logo on everything from tees to hats to flannels and more. Whether you love chugging Dews or are just a fan of throwback, vintage-y clothing, this collection will surely have at least one item to get you hyped. And don’t forget that each item is made with the same quality and durability that Matix is known for, so you can’t go wrong! This past fall Matix took a few select Dew graphics to offer a nicely rounded range of styles celebrating the vintage heritage of Mountain Dew & Matix Clothing Co. and the collection is available now! Take a look at some of the items below. Then watch the video featuring featuring Reemo Pearson, Jared Cleland, Anthony Anaya & guest Mountain Dew team rider Jordan Maxham putting the gear to use in the streets of LA.

You can shop the entire collection at your local shop or online at!