Magenta Spring 2014 Boards & Clothing

Magenta’s Spring 2014 board and clothing catalog, hand drawn and designed by Soy Panday. Communication pro board series celebrates communication systems created by men to connect with each other worldwide, therefore bringing progression to all.

The Guest Artist of this season is Magenta French rider MASAKI UIA strong pillar of the Bordeaux skate scene, best known for his opening part in Yoan Taillandier’s classic 2011 MINUIT video and the stream of footage he has had in every feature on Bordeaux, including MINUIT’s 2012 MEANWHILE. Mase’s new part for Prize Fighter Wheels filmed in Bordeaux and Marseille just got released online.
Spring 2014 clothing features new hoodies (new improved cut), zippers, Ts, and a collab Boat Zip Pant of great quality with Remilla, Soy’s clothing sponsor based in Fukushima, Japan.

Magenta has the pleasure to introduce the Nakano, Tokyo based Japanese clothing brand LIBE to Europe! LIBE = LIFE + VIBE. The brand was created by Takahiro Morita, who originated what is known throughout the world as the Japanese skateboarding style, both in skateboarding and video making. Morita has a long history of collaborations with Magenta, with two guest boards and multiples videos, he was the muse for Soleil Levant. LIBE BRAND UNIVS. was started in 1998 and has been Morita’s main creative outlets since, with extraordinary creativity, beautiful and strong designs, each new collection form LIBE never comes short of amazing. The LIBE team consists of Morita, Magenta OG rider Leo Valls and Japanese skateboarding Gou Miyagi.