Magenta Summer 2013 Boards

Magenta has introduced its Summer 2013 boards straight out of Generator in California. Its new M-A-G-E-N-T-A series explains letter by letter and board by board what Magenta is about and introduces Magenta Japanese rider KOICHIRO UEHARA as its new pro. A Guest in this series, Philly’s own RICKY OYOLA, Traffic’s mastermind and East Coast skateboarding legend and pioneer.

“We present 5 new one-offs for the summer including Koichiro’s ENERGY MAN board, the CASH RUINS board inspired by Wu-Tang’s notorious C.R.E.A.M song, and new sizes for Takahiro Morita’s Guest Board. Look out Morita, Koichiro and the entire Magenta team in SOLEIL LEVANT – DVD out very soon!

Our Guest Artist for this series is the great Stefan Marx of Lousy Livin fame (among a list of overly long impressing achievements). Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, we have been friends & fans of his work for years and we are stoked to finally present a collaborative work with this amazing human.”