New From Independent Trucks

They make trucks, bearings, bushings, hardware… whatever you need, Independent has it. And you can guarantee that whatever it is, it’s going to be tough as nails.

Indy just dropped their Fall ’17 catalog featuring tons of pro model trucks from everyone from Figgy, Wes Kremer, Reynolds and Leo Romero to Luan Oliveira, Grant Taylor and beyond. Not to mention a limited Jason Jessee Fall release, forged hollow (and titanium) Stage XI’s along with a ton of apparel and accessories.

Imagine rolling to your local park laced head to toe in Independent sweatpants and a sweatshirt?! You’d be showing fools that you mean business and will undeniably sweat out all your regret from the night before.

All you product nerds can see the full catalog right here. And I always say it, but check the bottom of that page and look how big the goddam Indy team is!