Orchard Skateshop in Boston just released its Off Campus Housing capsule project with Antihero Skateboards and artist Dennis Mcnett. Boston has a long history as a college town, and this capsule pays tribute to some of the harsh realities of moving out of the nest.

In addition to a collab Orchard x Antihero deck, the capsule comes complete with a “Care package from Mom” including these co-branded life essentials: Toilet Paper, Roach Killer, Emergency Tighty Whiteys, Bar of Soap, Travel Toothbrush, #2 Pencil, and MOB Griptap

The package comes complete with snacks and assembled in a box packed with love from Mom.
Available for $54.99 including 8.06″ board, this limited release of 75 care packages is available only at Orchard and in its online store.

In celebration of the project, Orchard and Vans hosted an exhibition of Dennis Mcnett’s artwork for Antihero in the Extension Gallery at the shop. Photos from last weekend’s opening can be seen on Orchard’s website. orchardshop.com.