The Tom Penny look is something many have strived for. From the effortless and sleepy execution of each maneuver right down to the beanie fit and denim size, people have been trying to borrow from Penny's book for years. While no amount of product will make you skate like Tom, landing this package will have you looking crispy and keep you rolling for days on end. One of the most casual styles in skateboarding is putting up a prize package including product from Flip, Supra, KR3W, Independent, Ricta, and Mob Grip.

To win the Tom Penny Pay Day, send in a clip of your best trick over a chain into a bank. If you don’t know what we’re talking about check out Tom’s footage in Anthology. Set up something similar if you can’t find a decent chain-to-bank spot. A trash can on it’s side, a sack of potatoes, anything you can pop over before you land in the bank. Upload the video to the Your Stuff section at the bottom of our homepage and tag it 'Tom Penny Pay Day'. The winner will be announced shortly after the deadline, February 1, 2013.

Watch Tom’s footage from Anthology to get hyped before you get your chain-to-bank trick.

Congratulations to A.J. Ballard for landing the Tom Penny Pay Day package! A.J. submitted an edit with some heavy moves  over and into a D.I.Y. bank including some classic Penny tricks. He pulled it off with not only some classics and a few new moves into the bank (cab flip and nollie cab flip), he also closed the edit while sporting the Tom Penny T-shirt/do-rag! Special thanks to Tom and his sponsors FlipSupraKR3WIndependentRicta, and Mob Grip for hyping A.J. up to work this bank so hard.