P.M.A. Music Series

The Positive Movement Alliance (PMA) is not an apparel company, a skateboard company, or an art company. It is all three wrapped into one universal
lifestyle brand targeted toward the "new urban" aficionado who understands that all things are connected; culture influences art and conflict eventually lends itself to compromise.

In 2008, Greg Carroll, Courtney Smith and Chase Tafoya conceived PMA to bring you: the consumer, creator, student, teacher, artist, dreamer and believer a "new urban" movement. These three young men discovered they had something in common; they were all looking for an opportunity to make a lasting impact in the urban crossover market place. They decided to put their individual talents together and use them to change the way people perceive activism. PMA gives the community more than T-shirts, skateboards and art pieces. Its goal is to prove to the masses that generations X and Y are ready to have their voices heard.

PMA is a collaboration of art, music, skateboarding, apparel, activism and philanthropic actions. It's a company that encourages consumers to take charge of change by creatively engaging their communities. With collective decades of experience and knowledge in the afore mentioned industries, PMA's creators are dedicated to implementing a movement that uses common elements of the "new urban" culture to encourage positivity.

Every product produced by PMA, from apparel to skateboarding equipment and paintings have a strong social, political or cultural message. Activism is a large part of PMA’s landscape, therefore 3% of the net revenue of each item sold will be donated to various charities and foundations attached to each PMA series.

Dead Precedence

Many of the youth in America seek to find riches not by hard work and dedication, but by the easy money of street life, (selling drugs, robbing, and gang-bangin’). They think this is what they have to do in order to survive. Choosing this lifestyle can ultimately lead to death – if not a certain physical death, death of one’s soul. We believe there needs to be a change. Today’s young people need to set a standard for others to follow. They need to kill the type of “precedence” that supports the easy way out.


Some rappers brag in their songs about drinking, drugs, and violence. They sing about how they’ve been “shot 9 times”. Rapping has become so much more about image and street cred, than it is about skill or content. The kids who idolize these rappers are being tricked. They are being deceived into thinking the words are real. In reality, the rappers are not living this lifestyle at all. Many are being “tricked” themselves; being sold, and told what to write by wealthy record executives who’ve never experienced such a lifestyle. We need to think for ourselves.