Nostalgia—a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Those words, which I jacked straight from the dictionary, have never been truer when it comes to skateboarding… at least right now. We're alive in a time where nostalgia is commonly celebrated and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Whether we acknowledge it or not, nostalgia is always being celebrated in one-way or another. In this case particularly, anyone who grew up watching The DC Video (2003) or reading old skate magazines (around the late 90s early 00s) knows that both the DC Lynx and JK1 are skate shoes that ooze nostalgia. (Think of Wenning, Stevie Williams, Ryan Smith, Kalis…) And as some of you might've seen, DC brought the Lynx back for a small run and continue to introduce new colorways of the Kalis Lite, an updated version of the JK1 with a runner-inspired sole.

If that's not making you want to flip through an old CCS catalog and circle some shoes with a Sharpie, how's this: The present day DC team recently gave a huge nod to the all-star squad of the late '90s—jerseys and all—and toured through Latin America rolling over cracks of tours past and celebrating current times with their modern day all-star squad (Wes, T Funk, Tiago, Evan, Alexis, Carlos…) Check the #DCLATAMSUPERTOUR video this Wednesday, 5/9 to see what went down and visit to get all the info on these brand new, throwback kicks, along with the details on all of DC's upcoming Heritage re-issues. This is just the beginning… —BRIAN BLAKELY

Kalis Lites: