With an affinity to keep things simple, Elijah Berle's new signature model from Vans focuses on three critical tenants when it comes to its design­—support, grip, and boardfeel—packing only the necessary tools for its sole purpose: skateboarding. The shoe also introduces Vans' new 'Wafflecontrol' technology; a unique parametric waffle sole precisely calibrated to the perfect formula of depth within Vans' iconic diamond pattern, with its main purpose being to further optimize the superior grip Vans is already known for. Completing the uniform, the shoes are accompanied by two vintage 20's overdye pocket tees, woven with Berle's signature labels and washed in black and yellow for a worn-in look and feel. Hellbent on giving everything in the moment, Elijah hasn't slowed down one bit over the last few years and doesn't show any sign of doing so. No wonder he was next in line to receive his own pro model shoe from one of skateboarding's most iconic footwear brands. Get yourself a pair at your local shop and head to vans.com/berlepro to learn more. —Brian Blakely