Ronson Lambert's Pro wheel for Kontrol
(SAN DIEGO, CALIF) Kontrol Wheels is pleased to announce the release of the Ronson Lambert Professional Skateboard wheel to be released in a new line of skateboard wheels available October.
Ronson's Wheel will be released on Kontrol's new and improved urethane formula. It will be available in a 50mm wheel and was designed to perform to the highest of standards.
"We are so excited to announce the release of our first pro-wheel and we couldn't be more pleased that Ronson is part of the team. Ronson is an incredible skateboarder and longtime friend of the Kontrol Wheels family and we feel that no one is more deserving than him. We are honored to put his name on our products," Kontrol Wheels President Jason Reilly stated.
Kontrol Wheels has 15 new graphics being released next month and is looking forward to the addition of more riders to the team and release of more wheels. Ronson's fellow teammates include: Andrew Pott, Nate Principato, Derek Simon, Kyle Nicholson, Joseph Mairena, Vitor Borger and David McCray.