So Cal Skateshop Lance Collab Board

Check out So Cal Skateshop’s new collab board with Lance Mountain and Flip. It’s an unreleased graphic that was going to be used as Lance’s pro Variflex graphic, but it never happened. Limited run of 100, 50 in each color. Below is the story from Lance.

The summer of 1981 saw the skateparks throughout California, and all over the states, closing one by one. It looked to be the end of everything we knew as skateboarders-the golden years of skateboarding, the greatest generation, the places of progression and the Skateboarding's future. No more kids taking up skating. No more business. No more pros.
Within months the 70 professional skateboarders who had entered the previous contest were now down to only 10. It seemed like the upcoming competition would become a Pro-Am event. A handful of us would call it our first Pro contest. I was then asked, or told I can’t remember, by my sponsor company, Variflex -“All our professionals are gone. So we will be making you a pro model.” Our team-Eddie Elguera who won the last series, Steve Hirsch (who had put me on the team) and Eric Grisham who won all the doubles contests- were gone.
Patty Hoffman who won all the girls events and Allen Losi (who’s Dad owned the company) were moving on to other things. They said, “Come up with an idea for a graphic. We would like to put it out as soon as possible.” Ironically, I had just lost my job at Skatecity Skatepark due to it’s closure. I was contemplating rebuilding and widening my ramp, as I sat in my red Ford Fiesta at my new job as night watchman at a construction site, making sure the lumber wasn’t stolen. I had many hours to draw up some ideas for a graphic. This Very Limited Edition 30-31 Year (who’s counting) Anniversary deck, made exclusively for SoCaSkateshop, By Flip under the Gold Cup name is roughly based on one of these sketches and prototype graphics which I rode in my last Amateur contest at Lakewood. It is an honor to hand screen and make this board available through Mike Hirsch and his shop, as together we were the Am’s on that team of great progressive skateboarders during that special time in skate history. Stories and facts may have been changed to protect my ignorance.—Lance Mountain