A three-way collaboration between SUPRA, The H-Town Sneaker Summit, and legendary hip hop artist, Bun B, resulted in two shoes commemorating the All Star game and the H-Town Sneaker Summit, both taking place on the same weekend in Houston: a blue, signature Stevie Williams S1W represents the East, and a red, signature Terry Kennedy Stacks represents the West. The Trill pack, as the pair has been dubbed, will be released at this year's winter H-Town Sneaker Summit, where Stevie and Bun B will be appearing for pictures and autographs.

"My involvement," Bun B said when describing the H-Town Sneaker Summit, "has been purely as a supporter of this movement of guys who like sneakers, girls who like sneakers, kids who like sneakers, and families who like sneakers. And it's in a comfortable and safe environment for like-minded people to come together and talk about, and show, and look at the things that they love, you know, which are shoes—some classics, some new—it's an incredible place to meet new people and I've always enjoyed the experience."

Bryan Angelle, the founder of the H-Town Sneaker Summit, also had a hand in the design of the two shoes in the Trill Pack.

"Originally when we talked about the project," Bryan said, "Matt [Fontana, SUPRA VP] brought out the S1W and the Society, which is the TK high, right? I said, no, we gotta do the Stacks. That's what the Summit is: it's about trying to offer something for everybody. So I wanted to have a high top and a low top. And then since we were releasing it All-Star weekend, it was Bun's idea for it be about the East vs. the West. And we pay homage to Bun on the tongues of each shoe: they say 'Trill Kennedy' and 'Stevie Trilliams.'"

Bryan explained that each shoe was modestly designed to reflect their skateboard heritage, but the premium materials and exclusivity makes them attractive to sneaker aficionados:

S1W (East): Stevie Williams (from Philadelphia, PA) signature model, “Stevie Trilliams” on tongue, blue leather, blue pig suede, silver accents, padded blue athletic mesh lining, blue/silver rope laces, ice cup sole with blue traction pods, and custom "East" sock liner on a lightweight SUPRAFOAM footbed.

Stacks (West): Terry Kennedy (from Long Beach, CA) signature model, “Trill Kennedy” on tongue, red leather, red pig suede, gold accents, red/gold rope laces, custom basketball inspired toe box, red athletic mesh lining, ice cup sole, and custom "West" sock liner.

Bun B is friends with Stevie and Terry and has been involved in previous projects with both, so he didn't exactly enjoy being asked to take sides and choose which shoe in the Trill pack he likes better: the S1W or the Stacks?

"Normally I'm a low guy," Bun B said, "I'm not usually into high top shoes just because of my height—I'm a shorter guy—but both of these shoes have elements that I'm kind of crazy about. But whether I wear the low court or the high? You're just going to have to wait and see."

The Trill Pack will be released and available at the H-Town Sneaker Summit, Sunday, February 17, from 3-7pm. In addition, the Trill pack will be available in limited quantities at the following locations:

Austin: Nice Kicks
Chicago: Uprise
Los Angeles: Factory 413
Seattle: Alive And Well

To read the full interview with Bun B and Bryan Angelle, visit suprafootwear.com.