The DC Biltmore S

The DC Biltmore S is not just one of the best skate shoes DC has brought to the table as of late, but it’s also a nod to what made DC a leader in skateboard footwear in the first place: excellence in design. This shoe draws great parallels to the DC Rick Howard 2 from the late 90s (the DC Howard 1 being the best skate shoe of all time according to many people, myself included), and that’s probably why I like it so much. I could do with a longer toe and some minimal narrowing down, but the grippiest outsole combined with the Super Suede (which wasn’t created yet for the Howard 2) more than makes up for it. Head on over to for more info, and down to your local skate shop to pick up a pair. If your local shop doesn’t carry ’em, check out since that’s where I hijacked these photos from.