The Local and The Loyal (Spring 2010)
“Independence is something we hold very dearly. Within truly independent individuals you will generally find the same traits. Certain strengths that they all carry with them. They are generally confident in themselves and in their abilities, comfortable in their own skin. In this way, the LWR. man is a local everywhere he goes. The “loyal” portion of this motto speaks to the more spiritual side of the man. He’s loyal to his family, friends, to himself and his
beliefs. He is dedicated to his ideals and his work. His loyalty is what keeps him grounded and on the straight and narrow when the road gets rough. The Lovewright Co. was built on this belief. A belief that has carried it through both the good times and the bad. The Co. is proud to represent these Local and Loyal.”
Key Points:
1. This season will be first foray into denim (13oz straight leg)  and
cut/sew apparel (vintage jersey)
2. All tees are completely custom made in the USA. Fit, fabric, and