This Truck has been in design and development for well over three years and to finally get to this point has been a relief and an achievement for all involved. Designed exclusively on CAD, utilizing world class titanium forming technology, this is without question, the most advanced skateboard truck ever released into the skateboard market.
Theeve’s One Piece Axleless Hanger design is up to twice as strong as anything on the market. Titanium is up to eight times harder than aluminum alloy, so our trucks will last longer than anything on the market. Being made from one single piece of titanium, with no separate axle rod, it can never, ever get axle slip. These trucks were the inspiration behind the now famous true-turning geometry that all Theeve trucks share. This, along with the partnership with Bones Hardcore Bushings, which come standard in all Theeve trucks, Theeve claims to have the best turning skateboard truck ever made.