Aw hell, my favorite skate shoe and my least favorite trend have collided head on. What am I gonna do? We’ve always loved and respected Gabe Morford and his photography (don’t forget his ender part in Chomp On This!), and now he’s got his very own series of Vans shoes—but they’re built for riding those retarded bikes! I suppose since so many skaters are on the fixed gear band wagon, you’ll want to know these Half Cabs are made with matte black synthetic Ceraprene triple stitch-fastened to premium black suede to hold up in those pedal cages. The liner is Dri-Lex so you can go sockless. And the whole shoe is stiffer to help you pedal to that dive bar to get a PBR tall can without exerting too much energy—wouldn’t want that scarf to fly off. Find out more at