Vans Introduces Andrew Allen Pro Slip-On Colorways

Sometimes he looks like a dope substitute teacher and sometimes he looks like a stoney San Juan surfer. Despite his kit, Andrew Allen always keeps it real and definitely has a knack for knowing what’s tight… even if he doesn’t realize it. I don’t know Andrew personally but damn, his new Vans Pro Slip-On colorways are tight! Simple. Subtle. Clean. The fact that AA is the man responsible for these colorways and adding a little twist to the most classic shoe on the planet (I’m talking about the classic Vans Slip-Ons in case you guys didn’t catch that), makes them even better! He skates the slips religiously already, so why not add a little durability to them?

These things will be available on August 1st. You can bet that your local shop will have them. If not, you should demand them… if that doesn’t work, then hop online and make it happen. We haven’t tried them out yet but when we do, you’ll know! And don’t be scared to click over to to learn more about these kicks and everything else happening with Andrew and the Vans squad.