Vans Syndicate: Sean Cliver Pack

The Vans Syndicate x Sean Cliver pack will be available on June 28 exclusively at finer skate shops near you. Visit for authorized dealers.

Rooted in the culture of skateboarding, Vans Syndicate is proud to present this limited product capsule with visionary skateboard graphic designer, Sean Cliver. Sean created Vans legend Ray Barbee's first pro board on Powell-Peralta some 20+ years ago and has gone on to create other iconic works in the genre for the likes of World Industries, 101, Birdhouse, Element, Supreme and more. Sean literally wrote the book on skateboard graphic designs. Literally. It's called Disposable. Look it up.

The Vans Syndicate x Sean Cliver Pack features an Authentic Pro and a Mid-Skool Pro with a Vans original checkerboard incorporating a 7-ply maple skateboard laminate side view pattern.