Vans Syndicate x Defcon

Project: 024:152
Style: Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro "S" and Old Skool "S"
Materials: Pig Suede
Colors: (DEFCON) Brown and (DEFCON) Olive/Black

DEFCON members stay under the radar and invest energies into the visual construction of their heartfelt passions. A multi-faceted approach to marketing, design, and photography focuses on shaping brand identities that respond to the fast-paced evolution of online marketing in the digital age and a glutted marketplace. DEFCON collaborators like to take their time, think before they speak, and choose authenticity over corruption.

This October, DEFCON comes up for air to corroborate their long-standing partnership with the Vans Syndicate group. Both models were inspired by Navel Special Warfare AOR1 and AOR2 camo, and are a testimony to the close bond between DEFCON and members of the Special Forces community.