Western Edition X RAW | Marvin Gaye Tribute | 25 Years Later

Every man's life has a beginning and an end. The fact of the matter is,
however, that it is what a man does with the time in between those two
moments that defines how he will be remembered when it is all over. From his
humble beginnings in our nation's capital to his bizarre and tragic death at
the hand of his own father, Marvin Gaye filled his moments in between with
ideas that will forever maintain his status as a true genius.

On April 1, 2009, the twenty-fifth anniversary of Marvin's passing, we will,
for lack of a better term, celebrate. Western Edition of San Francisco and
RAW of Boston are releasing this collection to pay respect to the musical
history that Marvin Gaye left for all of us to use as inspiration.

You can see a short video here which was put together for the release:

WE RAW Marvin Gaye Tribute from Western Edition on Vimeo.