What The Pros Are Rockin’: Chad Muska

What kind of board are you riding?

The Shorty’s Muska midsize, the one with the sun¿the red one. I think the width is 7.75, I’m not really sure, I go by feeling really.

How long does a board usually last you?

It all depends on how much I’m skating. Sometimes a board will last me one day, sometimes a couple weeks¿it’s always different.

Do you have any special griptape techniques?

I use Black Magic grip, and I usually just cut the griptape and put one line right by where my back truck is. I also like to sand my griptape down just a bit, that way it’s worn in.

So what kind of wheels do you ride?

Any of the Ghetto Child 55s. The 55s just seem like the medium size to be at for flips tricks and you can lock on to rails good still, you know? As far as colors, I just ride white ones, unless I’m feeling kind of freaky, then I might set up colored ones.

What about bearings?

I skate Black Panthers because they come with the spacers and all the washers.

What kind of trucks are you riding?

Uhhh, man, no comment.

Well, how do you like to ride your trucks? Loose or tight?

Actually I ride my back truck a little tighter than my front. It’s just something I’ve done ever since I’ve started skating. Laughs I can’t really break it down too much into a science on why I do what I do, it’s just what I’m used to.


Oh, lately I’ve been riding my new shoe on Circa that’s just getting ready to come out. It’s the Muska 802¿the cammo joints.

What do you like about ’em?

Basically it’s just a lot different than your average skate shoe. The fit on this shoe is more like a formfitting shoe. It’s not bulky and squared, it’s more aerodynamic and shaped to your foot. It’s super comfortable and super light. It’s the lightest skate shoe I’ve ever picked up. You guys are going to be tripping on these ones.