What The Pros Are Rockin’: Marc Johnson

What board are you riding?

It’s my own pro-model enjoi board, the Camel deck. I’d say the width is like seven and five eighths.

So you like ’em skinny like that?

I don’t know, I rode the same shape for like five years. I actually brought one of my boards over from Maple and had Rodney make one on the Dwindle concave. So I just rode the same board for years. Then I tried a skinny board, and it was like someone turned a light on in a dark room. I was like, “Hell yeah.”

How long does a board usually last you?

Probably like three weeks or something. I know most dudes set up a board in like two days or something, but I’m so lazy that I won’t set up a new board. I ride that thing until it breaks or it’s dead. It’ll have chipped-up oatmeal nose and everything.

Do you have any special griptape techniques?

Actually, we have enjoi griptape that comes with this cool sticker you put on your board under your griptape. There’s a cutout in the grip that fits over the sticker¿it’s three circles, the primary colors. It’s sick.

What trucks are you riding?

The new Thunders, the Low Voltage. I’ve been riding Thunders for like ten years.

Loose or tight?

This is how I measure it: I turn the board over and try to press the wheel down into the board. I get it to where the wheels are half an inch away from the board on all sides, with me putting pressure on it. If it touches, it’s way to loose. I try to get it to where I won’t get wheel bite.

What’s up with wheels.

Right now I’m riding these rad 52 millimeter Quattro wheels. They’re called the Foosball wheel or something.

Any specific bearings?

I get bearings from Speed Demons.

What about shoes?

I’m rockin’ the MJ2s right now.

What’s so great about your shoe?

I get paid from it. That’s what’s so great about my shoe. That shoe’s just straight fly, kid!

Do you have any special techniques when you put your board together?

Laughs Yeah, there’re these kids down the street, I pay them a dollar to put my board together for me.

Anything you want to add?

Blow on the meat whistle.