What board are you riding right now?

My Fight Club board.

That’s a Birdhouse Fight Club Steve Berra model.


What do you like most about the board?

The wheelbase is a tad bit longer than the other Birdhouse boards¿by about a quarter of an inch, I think. It makes my kickflips level out so they don’t rocket-flip.

What size boards do you prefer, width-wise?

Oh man, I have no idea how wide my board is. It’s under eight inches, I think. I just look at it, ’cause I only have a size-nine foot. So my boards are not as wide as Heath’s board, but way wider than Dyrdek’s board. Compared to Anthony Van Engelen’s, Dill’s, or Dyredek’s board, my board looks like Heath’s board. My board looks big, ya know what I’m saying? So I guess mine’s kinda like a mid-size board, whereas Heath’s got more of a wide board. I guess mine’s like seven and three-quarters, maybe.

We’ll look it up.

Yeah, you can look it up.

Do you have a preference for concave decks?

I don’t really like flat boards. I like a good nose and a good tail¿not too steep, but not flat.

Do you do anything special with your griptape?

Nope. I just put it on.

What wheels are you riding right now?

I’m riding the Quattro Steve Berra wheels. You know Quattro: Eric Koston, Marc Johnson, Steve Berra, Tony Ferguson.

What size wheels do you usually ride?

I ride 52s.

Do you ever try different hardnesses, or are they always the same?

I think they’re pretty much always the same. I was riding Birdhouse wheels before this, then I started riding the Quattro wheels, and they seem harder. They don’t flat-spot.

Do you care if wheels are colored?

I used to. I never thought I could skate colored wheels, but I started riding these light-blue Quattro wheels two weeks ago, and I didn’t think they were that bad. But then I switched back to white.

How often do set up new wheels?

Every two weeks, maybe.

What are the smallest wheels you’ve ever ridden?

Oh, gosh.

How low can you go?

Laughs Probably 40s.

What bearings do you ride?

I ride the Tony Hawk bearings.

Do you use bearing oil or speed cream?

No. I get them for free, so I don’t really care.

What trucks do you ride?

I ride Orion.


I’m not sure¿the narrow ones.

Don’t they have two different kinds of Orions¿low and high?

Yeah. I ride the low ones.

What do you like about them?

When you grind handrails and bars with all the other trucks, you grind on your kingpins and you slip out. Orion’s hanger is above the kingpin, so you can actually grind the truck and not grind your kingpin¿not worry about it slipping out. I like that. The trucks are just high enough that your board feels good. I tried other trucks¿I was going through an identity crisis and started trying all these other trucks. I tried every single one: Ventures, Indys, Royals, all these other ones. Although I liked some of them, I found myself going back to skating Orions.

Do you ride them loose or tight?

I’d say in between.

How often do you change trucks?

Not very often. I try to keep them as long as I can because I don’t like breaking in bushings.

Do you use riser pads?


Why not?

I go back and forth. Sometimes I think for some reason my skating’s not up to par, so I put riser pads on. I think I’m getting too much wheel bite. Sometimes I’ll ride my trucks loose, and sometimes I’ll tighten them up. It’s weird. It depends on how I’m skating. I was riding pads for a while, like a year ago. Then I realized I don’t need them¿they’re just lame.

They’re lame for your style of skatebooarding?


Are there any rituals you have to go through when you set up a board?

Well, I’ll tell you this much¿I’ve got a permanent scar on my left knuckle from tightening my bolts with the Allen key. Every time I set up a board, the Allen key slips out, and my knuckle scrapes against the griptape. I’ve got a scar there, and it always bleeds.

What shoes do you skate in?

I skate the Steve Berra DVS shoes, of course.

What’s the most important feature of a shoe?

The comfort, and that I can feel my board. I don’t care about anything else with shoes.

As long as they stick to your board, right?


How long does a pair of shoes usually last you?

A week.

What size shoes do you wear?

Size nine.