Words by Adam Sullivan


Whether it’s tricks, spots, or products, skateboarding is constantly evolving. Lucky for us, we have a never-ending supply of new technologies to try out. Here’s a look at the new tech for 2012:

1. enjoi “On Steroids”

Steroids worked for Barry Bonds. Now they’re working for skateboarding. “enjoi on steroids” is the new benchmark for strength, pop, and hemorrhoids. Get juiced!


2. Creature “P2”

P2 uses an oval-shaped Kevlar fiber reinforced maple veneer to help boards stay poppier and last longer.


3. Real “Low Pro”

Center-pressed with a slight nose-to-tail rocker, lowering the deck’s center of gravity for more control, and a quicker pop.


4. Theeve “TIH” Truck

One extra light single piece of titanium, with no separate axle rod, it can never get axle slip.


5. Bones “STF V3” Wheels

Super hard 83B durometer formula for more speed and slide capabilities, plus more resistance to flatspots.


6. DC “Unilite” Chris Cole Lite S

An injected liquid is then blended into a polymer foam, which creates a high-performance, naturally lightweight outsole.


7. etnies “Skyline Technology” Sheckler 5 LX

Features water-resistant materials and construction to prevent water from entering the shoe.


8. Vans “Waffle Cup” Stage 4 Low

The feel of a vulc with the support of a cupsole. The best of both worlds.