Impulse Buys

Words by Kevin Duffel, from our June 2012 issue

A lot of the raddest stuff skate companies make isn't actually used for the act of skateboarding. It's all those random little trinkets and knick knacks sitting right next to the cash register that you just can't say no to. Here's to owning more useless junk!

turtle Boy figure, Air Freshener, & Sock Monsters

By Toy Machine

Havasu Sandals, Social status s/s woven, Camostache tank, son of a beach towel

By enjoi

Pin & keycap

By Fourstar

Sk8 dice

By Flip 

Classic dot mugs, water bottle, & license plate frame

By Santa Cruz

Mushroom mug by Flip

laptop sleeve, belt, & Air fresheners

By Girl 

Indy Burnside Box

By Independent

wax glider candle

By Benny Gold

iPhone 4 Rubber Waffle Case

By Vans

Independent key by Independent

Circle wax by HUF

Hardware by Royal Trucks

Firestarter lighter by Creature

Rasta Dot grinder by Santa Cruz

Sk8 Dice by Flip

socks & flip flops

By Girl 

420 socks by HUF

Sheckler Pro Spec 51mm wheels

By Plan B

Bottle opener

By Cliché


By Brixton

Boob wax

By almost

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