What We Like, from our July 2012 issue


Ever heard the phrase, "Am today, pro tomorrow?" These dudes have. The following is a collection of rookie pro boards since last year's Am Issue. Welcome to the big leagues—who's next?


1. Anthony Schultz, $lave


2. Ben Gore, Stereo

3. Collin Provost, Toy Machine

4. Cory Kennedy, Girl


5. Dallas Rockvam, ANTIZ


6. Dan Plunkett, Skate Mental

7. Ishod Wair, Real

8. Gilbert Crockett, Alien Workshop


9. Jake Johnson, Alien Workshop

10. James Hardy, Real


11. Jamie Palmore, Sk8mafia


12. Jimmy Cao, Sk8mafia

13. Joe Tookmanian, Fiveboro


14. Larelle Gray, Sk8mafia


15. Pat Pasquale, LE Skateboards

16. Nate Broussard, Roger


17. Neen Williams, Deathwish


18. Nestor Judkins, enjoi

19. Nick Merlino, Foundation


20. Ron Deily, Zoo York


21. Shane Heyl, Baker

22. Theotis Beasley, Baker


23. Tom Asta, Mystery


24. Tyler Surrey, Sk8mafia

25. Walker Ryan, Organika


26. Wes Kremer, Sk8mafia


27. Willy Akers, Fiveboro


28. Windsor James, Mystery